Dr. Jack Stern

NY Spine Surgeon Specializing in Diagnosing and Treating Back Pain

Surgery is rarely the answer

Second Opinion Spine Specialists 


As one of the most senior and experienced neuro-spine surgeons in United States, I see a large number of patients who were first seen by other spine surgeons.  These folks come for a second opinion because they know that I would give them an opinion, but I will not treat them.  

These patients know that they will receive my opinion, my suggestions, my recommendations, but I will not take them on as patients.  This provides the patient with unbiased and non self-serving information.  At times, I would agree with the surgical plans for your physician, but I frequently also suggest alternative surgical approaches or variety of nonsurgical approaches, many of which are discussed in my book, “Ending Back Pain”.

I encourage everyone who is considering surgery or who has persistent back pain to get a second opinion.  It is my feeling that the more you know about your condition, the better you will be able to make appropriate decisions about your treatment.

Dr. Stern is considered a second opinion spine specialist because of his unique advanced qualifications and years of experience treating spinal disorders.  He is available to see you for consultation and view films to help you make the proper decision about your treatment.  Consultations may be in person or by video conferencing. Most patients find that seeing a spine surgeon, particularly a neurosurgeon gives them the greatest understanding of their condition.

For most patients, once they understand what is causing their pain, they have a much better appreciation of the role that various treatment modalities have in making their pain better.  Many patients who seek second opinions are in terrible pain and fed up with living with disabling pain.  Being in pain is depressing and can affect how a person acts both at work and at home.  People who are in pain do not sleep well and are very often on edge.  They are not themselves and lose the fun of life.  Many people who are around people with pain do not understand the person’s behavior and just see them as someone whose is grouchy and miserable.  If this point is reached, it is really important to educate yourself about all the options for treatment.  As part of the second opinion consultation, I encourage you to read my book and send all your records and films including CT scan, MRIs and x-rays.  

Also, write down questions so that I have the opportunity to review the answers with you.  Most patients are very surprised to find that the things they fear the most about the treatment of back pain almost never happen.

The process to contact me is really quite easy.  You can contact my administrator, Ms. Juliet Mott at (914) 336-7343 or jmott@bssny.com.

Ms. Mott will help you to get your pertinent medical information and your imaging studies for my review.  She will then coordinate and have our phone or live video conference with me at a mutually convenient time.  The charge for this service is $500, although we do use the sliding scale so that finances do not become an obstacle to care.  Most credit cards are accepted.


Jack Stern, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S.